The November Edit: Must Haves for Fall

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It is finally starting to cool down in LA (at least this week).  I'm after classic pieces this month with a bit of a twist.  Check out more fashion posts here, and read on for everything I'm craving these days:

01. Shaina Mote Opus dress: I think this might be the most perfect classic black dress.  The kimono style is gorgeous, and you can dress it up or down.  Not to mention the flowy silhouette means you can grab that second helping at thanksgiving.

02. Rachel Comey Almer leather wedges: I am completely obsessed with these shoes. They're the perfect non-heel shoe thats a big step up from your traditional wedge.  I love how unique and versatile these are!

03. Tiro Tiro Arcos earrings: When it comes to statement earrings, I tend to keep it simple.  These are attention-grabbing yet classic all at the same time.

04. Shinola Runwell watch: I converted to Shinola about a year ago and haven't looked back, except to look at all their other amazing watches, including this stunning navy, leather, and gold combo.

05. Ray-Ban retro round sunglasses: Flashy lenses are so fun, and surprisingly, they go with much more than you'd think.  The mirrored colored lens trend is one I'm very much on board with.

06. Madewell & Biltmore fedora: Guys, hats are everything lately.  They take your outfit from great to fantastically chic, and I fully support you owning many different styles and colors.

07. rose gold bobbis: You girls.  We all use bobby pins.  And now they don’t have to be ugly!  These super cute rose gold bobbis are the perfect things to spice up those wispsy tendrils.

08. Lucky Brand Route fringe crossbody: So, it looks like fringe isn't going anywhere.  And I'm okay with that.  In fact, I embrace it, and I'm ready for fringe on a bigger scale.

09. Madewell patchwork scarf: I love a good oversized scarf - they're perfect to keep you cozy around your neck, or as a shawl.

10. Dior Addict lip glow: A friend recently introduced me to this amazing lip balm/gloss that reacts with each woman's lips to produce a unique color.  It's basically a magic lip balm, and it's super moisturizing as well!

A Multi-Purpose Guest Room

Monday, November 9, 2015

I know what you're thinking.  A guest room?  You're all, Megan, I know you're ambitious, but you can't Diagon Alley yourself an extra bedroom.  Don't worry, Harry Potter didn't magically become real overnight, and you weren't left to live as a muggle while all your friends became wizards and witches.  I'll tell you what did happen though; we moved!

We've been talking about leaving our small 1 bedroom apartment for a long time, but it took about a zillion years to find something awesome.  After 8,000 years of searching, we found a great little two bedroom beach bungalow in Santa Monica.  The house was built in the '30's, and has great and weird charm to it that we fell in love with.  It's got quirky built-ins, bright light, a formal dining room, pretty archways, oddly placed octagonal stained glass windows, a vintage stove, a hideously tiled backsplash, a bay window, and a charming little back yard with bougainvilleas, and not one, but TWO lemon trees.  One regular, and one meyer.  And you know I'm completely thrilled by it.

More to come on the house and decorating it soon.  For now, we are focusing on the guest bedroom.  We had a wee moving mishap and couldn't get our sofa in the door due to crazy turns, narrow doorways, and too short ceilings (our sofa was 8' long).  The only door we could get it into was to the guest bedroom, and it was just too big in there.  So alas, we had to sell it.

Now, we don't have people visit constantly, but when we do we want our friends and family to have a space for themselves and to feel at home.  But, we also want to keep the tv out of the formal living room, and to actually use the extra room.  So we decided to make the space both a guest room and a tv room.  How exactly do you do that you ask?  Well, to make it functional for us (movie watching), and for guests (sleeping), there is this magical thing called the daybed which combines a sofa and bed all in one.
clockwise, l to r: house beautiful // sf girl by bay // apartment therapy //  the joye //
amber interiors // apartment therapy // lonny // the style files //
I'm going for a relaxed, happy, comfortable space.  It's a small room so I don't want too much going on in there.  I'd like to find a simple day bed, storage is a plus, and something that's ultra comfy for sleeping and lounging.

Stay tuned as I narrow down options! Office Tour

Thursday, June 4, 2015

If you know, you know they are all about making super fun stationary, tech, fashion accessories, and all around kitchy giftables.  Designed by Emily Henderson, their office tour featured on Refinery 29 is everything that you'd expect: resplendent with lots of pink, a disco ball wall, confetti everywhere, and all around #girlboss magic.  Check out some of the magic below!  All photos via Refinery29.

The June Edit: Must Haves for Summer

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The want list never ends.  While it's still just starting to warm up in LA, I've got summer and beachy vacations on the brain.  Check out more fashion posts here.  These are all the beautiful things I'm gunning for this month:

01. Madewell Indio sunglasses: These shades are affordable with a fun vintage vibe.
02. Mary Sia Antibies bikini: I've been dying for a Mary Sia suit - they're so interesting and have the cutest trims.  It's not often that you can call a bikini unique!
03. Dolce Vita Veya sandal: I'll be scooping up a pair of these with my summer travel plans in mind; being on your feet all day requires a comfortable sandal, and these are chic enough to transition from day to night for almost any occasion.
04. Laut marble iphone case: When you can't afford the real thing, just get a phone case in it.
05. Rebecca Minkoff Lena dress: The banana/palm leaf trend is still in, and this dress will take you from the beach to dinner in style.
06. Sara Happ the lip scrub: This is a miracle and I can't believe it took me so long to buy it.  It exfoliates your lips so that you can slick on lipstick - matte or gloss, nice and smooth.
07. Madewell Crescioni cuff bracelet: Being able to put leather and brass on my body at the same time in a classy way is the best thing to happen to me in a long time.
08. Maison Louis Marie No 09 perfume: This company makes one of my very favorite candles, and I was so excited when they came out with a perfume in this scent!  It's also a perfume oil, so the scent is more concentrated and lasts longer.
09. Etsy Hokoda scarf: These scarves are hand blocked in great patterns.  I tend to dress in basics and rely on fun accessories to spice things up.
10. agenda: This is the most fun you'll ever have planning your life and work.  They also have a large size for those of you with some serious planning to do!
11. Anine Bing cropped suede jacket: Not cheap by any standards, but one of the most beautiful suede motorcycle jackets I've ever seen.  The details are so perfect, the ribbing, belt, zippers and snaps, and I love that it's cropped; perfect for LA weather!

How to Mix Styles at Home

Friday, May 22, 2015

image via Nicole LaMotta
Mixing and matching styles can be challenging, especially when we're talking about design.  Furniture isn't cheap, and mixing styles can be intimidating if you're not sure about how it will all turn out.  Here are a few of my tips to mix and match styles at home like a pro:

Create synergies: Make the pieces in your room talk to one another.  The brass chest complements the brass lamp, while the pillow combo picks up the pink in the rug without being too matchy matchy.

Choose timeless pieces: When mixing styles, it's important to choose pieces that aren't going to go out of style any time soon.  Timeless styles like mid-century modern are timeless for a reason: they have clean lines and simple designs that you'll never get tired of.  Pieces that are classic and simple will easily blend with other styles rather than fight them.  

Incorporate vintage: Authentic pieces are so important to a rooms overall look and feel - vintage pieces give a room soul, and add intrigue.  Flea markets are a great source for vintage, and online, you can find great stuff with resources like Etsy, Craigslist, Ebay, and Chairish (my personal favorite; with a concept like Craigslist but with a much more curated collection, and great photos of their products).

In big pieces, go for neutrals: Larger pieces command more attention in a room, so mixing a bunch of different styles with say, a kelley green sofa can be more challenging.  By sticking to a neutral color for bigger items, you'll be able to create a more cohesive look when paired with other styles.

If you love it, it will work: Style, in any form, is an expression of your true self.  I've got a mix of styles in my home, modern, mid century, bohemian, vintage; and the reason they all work together is because I love each piece.  I couldn't imagine sticking to only one style, because that doesn't express who I am and what I like.  My golden rule is that if you truly love a piece, go for it.

Kitchen Trends

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

image via Apartment Therapy
Lately I've been day dreaming a lot more about my future non-apartment dream home.  Some days it feels like I may never live in my dream home, but I figure the more time I spend dreaming, the quicker I'll be able to make game time design decisions when I finally DO live in a house.  For me, the kitchen will probably be the most important room, so here's a look at whats hot in kitchen design right now:

Rugs: I go back and forth on this one.  On the one hand, cooking with a nice turkish kilim rug right under the stove seems like disaster could strike, but on the other hand, a rug in the kitchen really warms up a space where you may not have much control over the look and feel of the room.  I think this also depends on your layout, a narrow aisle would do well with a rug, but if you have more of an open kitchen a rug under the sink might be the better bet for you.
via Door Sixteen
Globe pendant lights: For whatever reason, the beautiful circular shape looks beautiful in the kitchen.  The light and airy globe pendant adds a certain symmetry to a room that is typically very linear with lots of corners.  It's a great companion in the kitchen, adding to the aesthetic without being heavy or taking away from the main stand out elements.
via House Tweaking
Open shelving: I'm not totally sure that I could live with only open shelving, but I love the idea of incorporating it to showcase your most beautiful pieces, while still being able to hide away unsightly things like blenders behind closed doors.
via Veneer Designs
Subway tile: The trend towards subway tile is really about making a space bright and shiny.  White grout and slick tile make it easy to clean, and it looks great with a wide variety of materials like wood and marble (also trendy right now in the kitchen).
via Our House
Farmhouse sinks: These over-sized sinks are true workhorses in the kitchen.  Their large size makes dishes a breeze, and the porcelain is easy to clean itself.
via Lonny Magazine
Marble counter tops:  I feel like marble is the creme de la creme of kitchen counter top materials.  It's beautiful, sophisticated, and everything anyone could ever want of their surfaces in the kitchen.
via One Kin Design
Brass hardware: Brass has made the biggest come back in home decor, and it looks particularly brassy and beautiful used as kitchen hardware for pulls, faucets, etc.  This gorgeous kitchen also uses brass combined with marble for the back splash.  I love how the brass really pops against the navy, and the brass faucet is such a standout detail.  If there's ever an opportunity to have more brass in your life, the answer should always be yes.
via Style by Emily Henderson
Two-tone cabinets: I absolutely love this kitchen.  The shade of green is beautiful and plays so well off the brass, white, and marble details.  Two-tone cabinets work so well in bright spaces - notice how the white cabinets kind of melt into the light and really allow the green to take center stage.
kitchen renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuel
via Smitten Studio
Concrete: In the kitchen, concrete tends to invoke more of a stream-lined, industrial feel.  A decidedly unique material to use, its no-fuss clean look and feel can be very beautiful.  It can also be warmed up by pairing with wood (see below) for a more rustic aesthetic.
via The Design Files
Wood: I think I would love to have a wood and concrete kitchen in my future second lake-front home.  Wood accents can be incorporated in many ways, in the bones of a kitchen as cabinets and drawers, or in a smaller scale as open shelving.
via The Style Files
What are your favorite kitchen trends?
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